This social media image features a mouth-watering cheese toastie, in a highly clickable format crafted to increase your engagement and gain traffic, leads and followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, X, Pinterest and Instagram.

It features the interactive caption: “What are you adding to make this perfect?” to help stop the scroll and encourage user interaction, comments and engagement.

What are you adding to make this perfect?

You can download the image by right-clicking the image (save image as...) or the clicking button below:

All the engaging social media images in the Hike Your Likes library are inspired by some of the most successful viral images of the past decade, collated from the tens of thousands of viral posts we analysed.

Ready to overlay with your own watermark, we recommend posting several different images daily on social media to get the best results from the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the images in the Hike Your Likes content library royalty free and not subject to copyright?

Yes, all images are created by us in-house and can be posted freely onto social media and are not subject to any copyright fees.

Can I modify the images or watermark with my company logo or text?

You will be able to modify the images as you see fit (you are not however licensed to re-sell them on). You can add your logo or watermark when using scheduling software like Post Planner or with popular and free photo editing software.

How long will it take to start seeing results from posting these types of viral images?

Anything from a few hours to weeks, depending on how often you post, your audience size and many other factors.

I run a digital agency - can I use these images for my client's social media pages?

Yes - you are free to post the images on behalf of clients.

Will this work for any business or social media page?

Almost any niche is suitable for these types of viral quotes and images. However we do recommend you need more niche-specific content (such as real estate, dentistry, etc) for a mroe target follower base.

How often should I post to my social media pages?

We recommend posting different pieces of content at least once up to 24 times a day, every day. A social media scheduling tool such as Buffer, Hootsuiter, Post Planner, Postcron or Edgar can help with this and can be set to add watermarks to your image automatically.