Andy Skraga

I’m now able to offer 1-to-1 consultations to get you up to speed with Facebook traffic and ads as quickly as possible.

Ask me anything about Facebook organic traffic, buying page followers, websites, niches, crafting engaging posts, and viral content and most importantly – how to make revenue from Facebook content.

Facebook Traffic Consultations

Consultations last 1 hour and cost $250, with payment via Paypal request in advance of the call, or via Stripe payment link.

I can offer your choice of Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Just fill out the form below to book your consultation with me!

Joel KleberI have been following Andy for a while and decided to book a consultation based on his advice online.

Out of that consultation, I have learnt so much and made my money back in 3 days from taking the advice with the Facebook page strategy.

The advice is easy to follow however, you need to put in the work and it was extremely motivating to see pretty much instant results and how you can build a portfolio online.

There was some insights I would have never gained without his help and I am looking forward to building my pages more due to his advice. Andy’s methods are easy to follow and really do work.

Update: Just keeping you in the loop. Last 5 days I have averaged 180 USD each day with the site.

Joel Kleber @joelkleber_

Amazing value for the money, highly recommended!

Stan Ivanov –

Peter Reynolds resultsJust wanted to say thanks again for your time a couple of weeks ago.

We’re starting to see some real nice growth signals from our Facebook page!

Peter Reynolds –

FB resultsI made $1300 USD yesterday from fb traffic.

I just started one month back on fb and I already drove 500k sessions in 20 days from fb!

Now 1.1M sessions in 30 days. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hayley @ X

Matt HagensI used Andy’s consultation services for Facebook ad arbitrage strategy, and he was incredibly insightful and knowledgeable.

He guided me on properly using the Facebook pixel and creating effective audiences.

Andy provided clear, actionable strategies that are expected to significantly improve my ad performance.

I highly recommend Andy’s consultation services to anyone looking to enhance their Facebook marketing efforts.

Matt Hagens – Hagens Marketing