My name is Andy Skraga, a UK-based web entrepreneur with over 10 years of Facebook traffic experience (making over half a million dollars from this method) and I have more than 20 years of professional web development, SEO, digital marketing and Facebook ads experience.

Andy SkragaMy interest in free, organic viral Facebook traffic started in 2013, and in early 2015 I had my fist big wins with this method (overloading the web server with traffic in the process) and also made my first serious online income.

Needless to say my life and mindset changed so much in that year when I realised you could actually create an almost 100% passive income stream using just a simple blog with some Adsense ads and a Facebook page!

Viral stats

My portfolio of viral websites have generated many hundreds of millions of visitors – along with tens of millions of social shares – over the past five years.

This depth of knowledge and experience ensures that the tutorials and courses on this site provide the most up to date, accurate and unique insights that you will not find elsewhere.

When I’m not working on my online businesses I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family, playing music and adventure sports like snowboarding and e-boarding.