Are you struggling to increase traffic to your niche website? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Here are 10 things you can do every day to build a torrent of traffic from Facebook!

10 Things You Can Do Today To Get More Facebook Traffic To Your Site

1. Post a lot of content.

No, not 3 times a day. Not 5 times a day!

I’m talking between 12 and 24 times a day, every day.

Brainstorm content ideas with Chat GPT by feeding it already-viral posts from competitor pages.

2. Focus your attention on article titles and thumbnails for your link posts. The thumbnail “stops the scroll” while the title entices the user to click, typically with a curiosity-inducing caption or emotionally triggering angle.

Pupvine post

3. Use bright, bold colors to make your thumbnails and images stand out in the Facebook feed. Avoid fades, gradients, washed-out colors, and shadows.

Pet peeve meme

4. Don’t post content you optimized for SEO traffic, post content you optimized for Facebook traffic.

There is a big difference! No one from Facebook wants to read your 3,500 articles stuffed full of keywords and internal links.

Think short, fun, and snappy to read!

Listicle post
5. Don’t waste time manually scheduling posts, replying to comments, or answering messages on Facebook pages.

These activities will make you miserable and not move the needle.

Concentrate instead on creating killer Facebook content!

6. A page with less than 10,000 followers will not produce the kind of traffic you need to replace SEO traffic you have lost in the HCU or other buzzkill updates.

But several Facebook pages with 40k followers each will.

Work on growing past those seed followers using viral content!

7. Install the Sassy Social Share WordPress plugin and configure 4 social sharing buttons at the top and footer of your article – Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn and Reddit, in that order.

Sassy Social Share

8. Make sure you post both content for growing your page, and different posts for getting traffic.

These are two different entities with two different approaches.

One is to get engagement and followers, and the other is designed to get traffic to your site.

9. Study your page content metrics in Facebook Insights every week. Find the top 10 most viral posts and double down on what works.

Repeat every 2 months to double down again and again – your audience will tell you exactly what content they like and want more of!

Viral post

10. Sorry, but your intuition is flawed.

Search out competitor pages and groups via Facebook’s own search tool, and find posts with more than 200 engagements.

Backward engineer why these posts were popular. Disregard the page size, it matters way less than you think.

I hope these 10 things will be helpful in gaining you much more traffic from Facebook!

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