Hike Your Likes was created to help make the process of acquiring social media fans and gaining stellar post engagement on your Facebook fan page as quick, easy and effective as possible.

Our aim is to help you increase your social media engagement, likes and shares and gain 10,000’s of new fans for your Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest and Instagram pages at the lowest cost possible without spamming or “black hat” techniques that could get you banned.

We constantly test new social media theories, content and techniques, and by creating large amounts of engaging and compelling content via our social media content tools we discover what REALLY works on social media. We also develop innovative automation software and free social media viral tools, and produce tutorials and how-to videos to help the business fan page owner or social media marketer user prosper and profit online.

Hike Your Likes is part of Viral Makers Limited, a UK-based social media company.